Twenty-twelve has, both professionally and personally, been the uncontested biggest year of our lives.

On a personal note, Lauren and I got married this year (photos to come), finally making our two cats – Maebe and Shego – legitimate! Organising a wedding and running this business has meant spending much more time together and our relationship has grown so much stronger for it.

We’ve also had an eventful year in lots of other ways; we got to explore new parts of regional WA, for some south-west weddings and for some short holidays – to Pemberton, Yallingup, Dunsborough, and the Stirling Ranges.

Most importantly, this was our first proper year of shooting weddings – and we’ve had so much fun, as well as learning so much, in the process. Thank you so much to our friends, family, and clients, for supporting us and making all of this possible. To go from doing a few styled shoots with amazing vendors and friends, to having a full-time job where we get to spend so much time with amazing people on one of the best days of their lives, it really is incredible.

The plan so far for 2013? More great weddings and lot more regional weddings (even a wedding in Santorini!), and to start offering lifestyle family shoots; finding a lot more inspiration from those around us, hopefully inspiring some people ourselves; and a big goal is to spend a huge amount more time with a camera in hand, documenting moments we spend together and with friends and loved ones, and the amazing things we see every day.

We’ve put a few photos together that helped make our year – enjoy!

Lots of love (and happy new year!), Glenn and Lauren xx