About our photography


Our style is to combine a photojournalistic approach with fine art photography to capture the most beautiful images of your special day… the kind of images you’ll never want to stop looking at.

We create idyllic imagery that will make the perfect album and images you’ll want adorning the walls of your home. We’re very passionate about marrying this fine art style with the drama, suspense and emotions that only occur in an event as special as a wedding.

The best photos are representative of the wedding and the wedding couple, so our aim is to create a set of images as unique as you and your day. We plan to tell the story of your big day through our images, and an important part of this is to capture all the little moments of the day. The stolen glances, the concealed tears, the nervous hands… all fleeting moments lost in time, but captured forever.

We believe the only stresses on your wedding day should be remembering your lines, putting the ring on the right finger, and recalling the names of relatives you haven’t seen in years; so we keep the photographic element as relaxed an atmosphere as possible. That magic time between being declared husband and wife and the frenzy of the reception is as much about capturing amazing images as it is about you and your beloved being able to relax in each others company.

And what better job than to spend time with people on one of the most exciting days of their life, capturing the moments of this excitement so they can keep the memories forever.