I could win awards for my parallel parking (but not my forward parking)

I try to slip in Arrested Development references whenever possible (Her?)

I over-use brackets (a lot)

If I could do anything in the world, it would be to sit at home with my cats. There is a 98% chance I’m doing that right now as you read this

I don’t get empathy. Which makes Lauren mad. Like when Dobby died in Harry Potter and she cried for weeks… I mean, he’s fictional. Who cares?

On the other hand, if an animal dies in a movie I lose my shit. It doesn’t even have to die. When they threw rocks at Harry in Harry and the Hendersons, I think I was scarred until at least my mid-20’s

My Instagram is @glennweaver and I need to use it WAY more. Lauren is like 400 Followers ahead of me (probably 2,000 by the time you read this)


I am addicted to instagram, op shopping and chocolate.

I can’t read in moderation. Reading > sleep.

If I were a wizard, I’m pretty sure I’d be in Ravenclaw.

I have a mild case of social awkwardness. I have literally run away from awkward situations before.

Cats. Cats. CATS.

Once when Glenn and I were playing Singstar, I laughed so hard I threw up.

If there is an animal nearby, I will be petting it. Or at least looking at it longingly while I attempt to interact appropriately with humans.

I believe every sentence should finish with a full stop. (Glenn and I have agreed to disagree on that one).

If you want to see how much better I am at Instagram than Glenn, find me at @laurenjaynehall (not that we’re competitive or anything).