About Us


Glenn (main shooter)

  • I believe dancing begins and ends with the Robot
  • I could win awards for my parallel parking
  • I’m well known amongst Subiaco resident cats for giving out awesome rubs on my walks to the shops
  • I think pyjamas should be worn as soon as you get home
  • I really wanted to name my business after my cats Maebe + Shego, but nobody would spell it right
  • I love taking photos of the girl over there ==>
  • My favourite photo as a kid is of me and my dog (sidekick), Lady
  • I don’t think any show will ever be as good as Arrested Development
  • I can’t wait to shoot an outdoor wedding during a storm
  • My Instagram feed is @glennweaver
Lauren (candid shooter)

  • I am addicted to instagram, op shopping and chocolate.
  • I love it when people bring their pets to weddings!
  • I have read Harry Potter multiple times.
  • I start every morning with a quick (!) browse through greenweddingshoes.com, ruffledblog.com and hellomay.com.au.
  • I still cry at weddings – especially when the bride and/or groom cries!
  • I am much better at the robot than Glenn.
  • I love taking photos of trees.
  • I believe every sentence should finish with a full stop. (Glenn and I have agreed to disagree on that one).
  • My Instagram feed is @secondhandfloral